European women posing with an orangutan in Sumatra.

The Complexities of European Tourism in Indonesia Under Dutch Rule: An Analysis of a European Woman Posing with an Orangutan in Sumatra, 1934.

Title: Interesting Photos of Sumatra and Thailand in the 1930s Year: 1934 Location: Sumatra Source: CU Boulder archives For my image analysis assignment, I chose the image to…

Many bananas in crates

Dutch East Indies Banana Trade

The image I selected was from an album ATELIER “DE FAMORA” with photographs that documented the banana trade in 1925 in East Java. The photographer of the album…

Banana exportation facility in Sumatra

Bananas For You

This image is taken from the collection, Early Photography of Asia, back in 1934. This collection’s form is known as travel photography, which was taken by a European couple….

fishing boats in phillipines

The Fishing Boat’s Impact on 20th Century Philippine Cultural Identity and Politics

“Manila, Fishing Boats”, by Albert E. Kane. Taken 1932/1937 in Manila, Philippines. The Philippines has the unique distinction of being one of the few archipelagic nations in the…

Bumar, Myanmar

Burma, Myanmar in 1943

The picture above is a picture I took  from the rare distinctive collection. The picture came out in 1943. The title was not included in the picture, but…

Man and Banana

Pisang Ambon

Title: Pisang Ambon Year: 1925 Location: East Java Photographer: Atelier “De Famora”   A photo album taken in 1925 documenting the banana trades of East Java, including many…

Molenvliet Canal in Batavia

Canals and Floods

Title: Photographs of colonial Indonesia, New Guinea and Pacific Islands 1900-1905 Year: 1900/1905 Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Source:   Canals and Floods The image is a photograph of…

Elephants in the Logging Industry

Elephants in Myanmar

This photograph was found in a part of four photograph albums named Burma, Penang, and China in the 1920s: Four photograph albums. It was made by George Wesr…

Nine School Girls

Write Up for Final Image Analysis

Nine School Girls Year and Location: Taken between 1885-1895 in Mawlamyine, Myanmar Photographer: Unknown   The photograph of nine schoolgirls in Mawlamyine, Myanmar, captures a moment in time…

History and Present of Angkor Wat

The Legacy of Angkor Wat: Exploring the Historical and Cultural Significance of Southeast Asia’s Most Iconic Temple

Introductions and brief descriptions:: In this essay, we will explore the historical, cultural, and artistic significance of a photograph of Angkor Wat, a temple complex in Cambodia. The…