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Photo 1: Man riding elephant which is moving lumber with trunk. Photo 2: Man riding elephant while a woman in all white poses for the photo.

Early Logging in British Colonial Malaysia

Introduction/Photo Analysis These two photos, part of a collection of four photo albums from George West Philleo, display a lumber yard in Penang, Malaysia in the late 19th…

This photo shows a Vietnamese young Indigenous person in what looks to be a nice house of a French person. The boy looks to be a servant and is standing in the dining room of the French quarters.

The Oppressed Servant Boy

The image I chose to analyze was from the photograph album of colonial French Indochina 1890-1900. The title of the album is Photographs of Indochina 1890-1900 which refers…

Penang Men Performing a Ritual

Penang Men Performing a Ritual

Original Title: Burma, Penang, and China in the 1920s : four photograph albums, 1920, Penang, Malaysia, George West Philleo This image is entitled Burma, Penang in the 1920:…

Colonial French Room

One Image, Dual Perspectives

Original Title: Photograph Album of Colonial French Indochina, 1890-1900 Year: 1890-1900 Location: French Indochina Photographer: French colonial resident of the area Throughout history, thousands of photographs have been…

Photograph of the interior hall of the Saigon Post Office from the late 19th century.

By the French, For the French

Title: Photograph album of colonial French Indochina 1890-1900 Location: Indochina, Vietnam Photographed by: French Colonial Resident of the Area Year: 1890-1900 Description: The image depicts an empty lobby…